South India’s Textile Gateway

We put our hearts and souls into making every project we undertake the very best
it can possibly be – and we don’t stop until we get there.

We built textile trading hub that help people connect with Buyers and Sellers, Find communities, and grow businesses.

A Project initiated by
The Ministry of Textiles, Government of India &
supported by Government of Tamil Nadu

Titans of Textile

Welcome to the Texvalley – A Valley of Future Textile. 

Texvalley is a platform that came as an outcome of intensive “grass-root” discussions with the entire textile supply chain. From weavers, fibre producers, mills, dyeing houses to wholesale sellers, retail brands, we have observed the nuances of the textile industry. As a result, Texvalley was formed as a custom-built mall space for both manufacturers and sellers.

We are “You.” Hence we understand your problems and indeed the solution. Through our constant research, experience, and expertise, we found that collaboration and partnership are the only way forward to make the industry push for operational excellence. Texvalley is an excellent platform supporting transparency, trust, and direct connection between manufacturers and buyers.

Texvalley, funded by a group of pioneers in the industry aiming to achieve transparency and drive values for the business growth. As a dedicated textile zone, build a sustainable with us, and together, let’s unlock your business potential.

At Texvalley, we are also striving to create an incredible lifestyle experience that helps build sellers’ relationships with their esteemed customers. Also, Texvalley aims to enhance the shopping experience by allowing shoppers to discover the latest products and trends through our wide range of brands and sellers.

Our Mission & Vision

The Thinking That Drives Us

Vision – To transform the region into a thriving textile hub by doing business with a whole new perspective.

Mission – To achieve this vision by using innovative Industry, business, product and region specific solutions


Spotlighting Erode as a destination for textile trading.

  • Revolutionizing business practices in the region by leveraging inherent resources.
  • Unparalleled commitment and maximum value to shareholders and tenants value.
  • Enriching people’s lives by providing modern and distinctive environments.

Promoters – Erode Textile Mall PVT LTD

The entire Texvalley property comprising the Global & Shandy Market comes under the ownership of Erode Textile Mall ltd., a special purpose vehicle promoted by two prominent business group, Lotus & URC Pvt. Ltd.

Board Members

P. Periyaswamy


With the immense experience and harbouring soul of the Textile Industry, Sir P. Periyasamy propels Texvalley every day to bring the community together. As a chairman, he brings value to Texvalley that supports one another and thrives as a whole.

Sir, P. Periyaswamy is the Managing Director of Lotus Group, India’s most prominent dynamic and expanding conglomerates. The Lotus group represents a wide array of core businesses, including automobiles, education, and real estate.

C. Devarajan

Vice Chairman

C. Devarajan, one of the Managing Director of URC constructions, has helped leverage Texvalley as an architecture statement. URC is one of the most admired construction companies in India. Being the Vice-Chairman, he throttles the leadership in Texvalley with the value of promising “Growing Together” in the textile industry. While C. Devarajan also presides as the Chairperson of the Infrastructure Development Committee of Builder’s Association of India.

P. Raajashekar

Managing Director

Armed with the new-age business ideas P. Raajashekar literally “runs the show.” By taking up the responsibility of Managing Director, he brings dynamic ideas to the table. He builds the Texvalley community with an understanding of the core needs and requirements. With the excellence of management skills and experience in launching the new venture, P. Raajashekar strives to develop a business model that is accessible for everyone in the community.

D.P. Kumar

Executive Director

D.P Kumar sets the foundation for creating a valuable business framework for the Texvalley community. As an Executive Director, he constantly caters to the needs of the business. He set the core focus on an unwavering commitment to excellence and continually strives to deliver quality services for the people who are part of Texvalley. D.P Kumar was identified to be up-skilled with full potential and always stay ahead of the curved. He leverages the business with operational excellence and pursuit of growth.